Scotland Ireland photo dump! Last April my husband and I took a trip with friends to Scotland and Ireland. We set out to hike the entire West Highland Way, ha - which we did unsuccessfully. We made it about 40 miles out of the 96. On the trail we realized no one carries packs, and they complete it in 10 days. For some reason I thought I could do it in 7 days with a 30lbs pack! We did 3 days of the trail, before my knees were totally over it with all the down hill hiking. All was not lost though! We made our way to the Highlands, to Isle of Skye, and an amazing Scotch tour ( all things that wouldn't have been able to see / do if we had completed the hike ) I think we really got the best of both worlds :) Then we were off to Ireland to meet friends, listen to music, and sample the Guinness