casual friday

It's been crazy busy in the studio this week - i'm talking like 13 hr work days! So today I took the day off and it has been wonderful so far! My day started out by sleeping in until 9 followed up by a nice 2 hr nap on the couch immediately upon waking up :) Chris decided it was time for me to get up so he made me a cup of my favorite coffee and then I helped him pack for a camping trip he is taking with his friends this weekend. We then ventured out to Brasa for a late lunch, and tonight I am going to grab some dinner and drinks with some friends. So all in all, a fantastic Friday! 

Yesterday we snapped these family pics above on the good ole trusty photo booth - it was a rare day since I actually put on clothes other then pj's, did my hair, and put a lil make up on ;) 

Oh and that's our dog Dolly, we adopted her last November through Secondhand Hounds. She is seriously the best dog ever.